10 Facts About Rain

Let’s face it rain is something that not a lot of us desire. However Rain plays a key role in the cycle of returning water back to our earth. So it is obvious that we need rain in order for the world to continue functioning.

1.) The umbrella was originally invented to protect people from the hot sun.

2.) Rain drops can fall at speeds of about 35km an hour.

3.) Rain starts off as ice or snow crystals at could level.

4.) Light rain is classified as being no more then 0.10 inches (2.54mm) of rain an hour.

5.) Heavy rain is classified as being more then 0.30 inches (7.61mm) of rain an hour.

6.) Louisiana is the wettest state in the U.S, which received an annual rainfall of 56 inches (1422mm)

7.) Rain drops range in size from 0.02 inches (0.508mm) to about 0.031 inches (0.7874mm)

8.) Rain drops do not fall in a tear drop shape, they originally fall in the shape of a flat oval.

9.) Rain that freezes before it hits the ground is known as frozen rain.

10.) Rain is recycled water that evaporated from our world’s lakes, rivers, oceans, seas etc.